How does villa furniture dining-room decorate collocation?

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Villa furniture whole decorates itself is not an easy thing, villa furniture association, the personage inside course of study says, decorate household environment as a whole is different from those with independent style hotel suite furniture is decorated, not only requires a unified design style of whole household decorates, each room decorate also according to different requirements of different people to design reasonable allocation and finally provide a soft outfit of whole furniture, all kinds of collocation and design problem is at pains, here the author is to provide some simple restaurant table collocation and the design idea.

[villa furniture restaurant design scheme I]

If the whole household style villa furniture is American style or rustic style, then recommend a 8 of the long table, the chair can be that kind of northeast birch, high quality wooden exquisite and durable, the performance is very stable, and the wood frame combined with environmental protection MDF, more solid exquisite natural wood parquet, make beautiful visual effects and solemn atmosphere of the American big wood table of carve patterns or designs on woodwork.

Club, said an official with the furniture market of this kind of table top most with extremely delicate manual craft, contains very noble luxurious taste use high-grade imported American old paint, environmental protection, smooth surface, nostalgic tonal warmth, deductive rich nostalgic amorous feelings restoring ancient ways, combined with 24 in crystalline light let your bright and tasteful, sitting room and dining-room, of course, also want to love like hotel furniture high-grade sofa cloth clean.

[design scheme of villa furniture and restaurant ii]

of course, you may on the verge of tide exposure to European fashion atmosphere like classical color plus carving exquisite craft, want a moment send out a full-bodied European style villa furniture style restaurant, you very suitable for choosing ou table, its aristocratic luxury, romantic atmosphere of life was completely reflected the traditional european-style furniture, combined with classical crack and delicate white primer paint on table flower pattern, is the whole looks more beautiful, deserve to go up again the art of painting, the whole atmosphere of the restaurant is fantastic!

[villa furniture restaurant design scheme 3]

Villa furniture association, experts say, some consumers may not like the kind of free atmosphere, American don't like European luxury trival, the quintessence of may like China, like the elegant and free from vulgarity and aristocratic temperament, like it rare and tenacity then recommend Chinese style classic villas furniture table must be suitable for you, there are no complicated carving there is only one kind of the precipitation of The Times, with perhaps the railing and ancient paintings.

[villa furniture restaurant design scheme 4]

And the most modern, a bit of new classic villa furniture mixes the meaning that builds household style, accord with the dining-room fundamental key of the Mediterranean style of young husband and wife, of course the villa furniture space of best whole is Mediterranean type just can have artistic conception, can be antithetical to otherwise. Just like like the breath of the sea, its magnificent waves and surging waves. Like the blue sky and white clouds, pure without doing anything is like sitting on the beach quietly looking at that piece of purple that piece of blue that piece of sea, what do not want to let the thought float catsup in the atmosphere of purple and white, what collocation is light blue colour with white is the dining-room collocation way of fundamental key.

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