Furniture Customizing

We provide professional qualified construction personnel, on-site project manager with a sense of responsibility to be responsible for the whole process of the project, and effectively coordinate and control the construction quality and project progress nodes. On behalf of party a, we will coordinate the auxiliary work of property management and fire protection approval, so as to solve a series of large and small problems for customers from the beginning to the end. Supporting products adopted factory production in the rear field, on-site modular assembly, the overall realization of the industrialization of decoration, will be nothing to decorate to the minimum.

The basic decoration generally includes the following contents:

1. Civil engineering: wire grooving, dismantling and building new walls;

2. Hydroelectric engineering: all circuits and waterways and installation and laying;

3. Top of the wall project: all the top of the wall scraping and leveling grinding, wall paint emulsioni paint;

4. Wood works: local ceiling, custom cabinet, TV wall design and production

5. Mud and water project: the installation of wall tiles, wall top leveling, apply line trough, kitchen, balcony waterproof and moistureproof treatment; Covered sewer;

6. Cleaning after finishing the decoration

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