Hotel design

        Meet your demands for building and office space of interior design, to provide professional personality and meet the overall design scheme of future extensibility, from indoor and outdoor space form, decoration material selection methods, products, and provide series of drawings, drawings and scheme: - elevation layout, decoration construction and node figure, products and materials selection plan, budget. (circuit, intelligence, fire control and air conditioning renovation, etc.)

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        Interior features of the hotel design

        Unit structure, a building, a group of buildings, so that the outdoor environment is much the same, imitation and similarity everywhere. And design space also is doing a lot of transplant to decorate a job likewise, cookie-cutter, do the ability of cloning extremely. This shows a timely fashion situation, of course, the hotel design and design space of the original is the need to design the main group of joint efforts, to achieve innovation and guide the construction of cultural landscape.

        Clever space

        Flexibility is not to take space as a form of passive static existence, but to search for spirituality, play a variable, flow, trendy, beautiful space form. Suit the need of different use function, use agile and changeful space form, if fold door, the partition that can open close, mobile metope, ceiling. In some of the need for sound insulation or to maintain a certain microclimate space, often use a large transparency of the partition, in order to maintain the circulation with the surrounding environment.

        Solid space

        Stable space is a space with deliberate use, definite function and fixed position, enclosed by a fixed interface. At present the bedroom is designed in often regard kitchen, toilet as the space that is fixed and changeless, and the rest space can press user to need free space.

        Open space and enclosed space

        The open space emphasizes the communication and penetration with the surrounding environment, and the integration with the natural space, which can provide more indoor and outdoor landscape and expand the vision. It is often used as a transition between indoor and outdoor space, with a certain fluidity and interest. In terms of psychological feelings, they show cheerful, active and joyful psychological experience.

        Closed space is static, stagnant, with a higher limit of the envelopment entity surrounded, whether visual, auditory and other relatively closed, conducive to isolation of external interference. The disposition of close space is introverted, serious, quiet or depressing, reject sex to the outside world, have very strong domain feeling, sense of security and illicit close sex.

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