After-sales service scheme

I. Quality assurance

The company all the products are sold in zhongshan thought into furniture co., LTD. (manufacturer) production, brand new, never use a flawless qualified quality products, the non-artificial damage, product free warranty period of five years, during this period, once the office furniture such as deformation, fall off, craze of the quality problem of product itself, will repair or replace free of charge, for: "repair", "replacement" and "return" three packs of services, provide technical advice and maintenance of goods for life.

Ii. Warranty service

1. Maintenance technicians

The company has a complete sales, installation, repair, maintenance departments, and self-use large finished products warehouse and spare parts warehouse, can independently undertake the end customer area of all delivery, installation, maintenance services.

The company's technical installation department staff a total of more than 50 people, including professional maintenance personnel more than 40 people, are through strict professional ethics education and professional skills training. And has the special maintenance vehicle, can make the most timely response to the customer's maintenance requirements.

2. Speed of problem solving and troubleshooting (emergency maintenance schedule and troubleshooting)

No matter the warranty period inside or outside, if the goods have quality problems or hardware failure problems, we promise to respond within 24 hours after receiving the customer's letter or telegram, and issue after-sales solutions.

3. Service fee standard

During the warranty period, the company will not charge any maintenance service fee and spare parts fee if the products have quality problems (except man-made damage or irresistible natural disasters). After the warranty period, our company shall still provide the buyer with the necessary spare parts and materials at a price no higher than the supply price to other customers, or provide the buyer with reliable supply channels of spare parts and spare parts. No other service fees shall be charged for maintenance.

Other commitments in terms of training, guidance and after-sales service for the use of the equipment

1. Provide lifelong maintenance, technical consultation and guidance during the free warranty period.

2. Free door-to-door delivery, free installation and debugging, with installation instructions and after-sales service telephone.

3. On-site observation and testing shall be conducted within a week after the product is delivered and used.

4. After installation and acceptance, provide free professional product maintenance and use skills training.

5. During the use of the product, regular personnel shall be sent to carry out maintenance (or maintenance, patrol inspection) and return visit every three months to check the quality of the product and timely deal with any problems found.

6. Our company prestores spare parts for customers, and we provide a certain number of spare parts for relevant departments of customers when the products are delivered and used.

7. During the quality guarantee period, if the products cannot be used normally due to any reason, we can provide alternative products to ensure customers' normal use.

8. During the warranty period, if the same defect cannot reach the quality standard after three repairs and replacement, the buyer shall be deemed to be unqualified and shall have the right to return the product unconditionally. All the losses caused thereby shall be borne by us.

(5) after-sales service certificate (five-star)

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