How does villa furniture dining-room decorate collocation?

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Hotel furniture is the hotel project, the project design with indoor environment: supporting design, it is necessary to take into account directly indoor function and environment of harmony, in addition, according to the request of star standard is different, the style requires different and different, generally includes hotel furniture, hotel furniture hotel living room furniture, hotel, restaurant furniture, hotel furniture in the public areas, conference hotel furniture etc.

Hotel room hotel furniture is divided into standard suite hotel furniture, business hotel suite furniture, presidential hotel suite furniture, here focuses on the hotel furniture accounted for the heaviest proportion of hotel rooms hotel furniture. Generally speaking, the functional requirements of hotel rooms and hotel furniture are basically similar to the composition of hotel furniture. Relatively speaking, it is generally composed of the following hotel furniture:

Hotel set bed, dressing table, bedside table, luggage cabinet, TV cabinet, leisure chair, tea table, and so on. The wardrobe is generally finished by the decoration company's on-site construction.

Hotel furniture is suitable for all kinds of hotels, clubs, villas and hotels, including single rooms, standard rooms, luxury suites, presidential suites furniture facilities. In order to highlight the momentum of the hotel suites, the guest rooms should be equipped with corresponding guest furniture facilities with the hotel star standard, such as dressing table, writing desk, wardrobe, soft mattress bed, chair, sofa, bedside control cabinet and other supporting furniture.

One star hotel

Supporting furniture and equipment is simple, with food, accommodation two of the most basic functions, can meet the guests' most simple travel needs, provide basic services, belong to the economic class.

Two-star hotel

General equipment, in addition to rooms, restaurants and other basic furniture and equipment, there are sales department, post and telecommunications, hair cutting and other comprehensive service facilities, service quality is better, belongs to the general travel level.

Three-star hotel

Fully equipped, not only provides accommodation, but also meeting room, entertainment hall, bar, coffee shop, beauty room and other comprehensive service facilities. Each room covers an area of about 20 square meters and is fully furnished with a refrigerator, color TV, etc.

Four-star hotel

The equipment is luxurious, the comprehensive service facility is perfect, the service item is many, the service quality is fine, the indoor environment art, provides the high quality service. Guests can get not only superior material enjoyment, but also good spiritual enjoyment.

Five-star hotel

This is the highest grade for a tourist hotel. The equipment is very luxurious, the facility is more perfect, besides the room facility is luxurious, the service facility is complete. A variety of restaurants, large - scale banquet hall, conference hall, comprehensive service more complete. It is the center of social activities, meetings, entertainment, shopping, recreation and health care.

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